How to grow taller with the right diet

Eating can effect your height! Eating a proper and well balanced diet can not only make you live longer but also if you are still in your growing years has the added bonus of making you grow taller as well. Here on Duckalogue we have many different healthy eating tips and information for the right balanced diet along with a full index of minerals and what benefits they actually have. So why not check out the rest of our blog to see more information on eating right!
Well as i was saying a right diet can help you grow taller, growing taller has three crucial points which are genetics, and your lifestyle both are as important as each other.. genetics maybe out of your control but what food you eat isn't  Research has proven that people who eat a poor diet even if they eat plenty of food people can still be malnourished ie if they eat processed junk food all the time which lack vital vitamins and minerals there is actually a increased chance that person will not grow that tall because of their poor diet compared to someone who eats a healthy balanced diet and has all the recommend daily vitamins and minerals whilst in the growing years. Even if your parents are tall and genetics are on your side if you don't eat right you can stunt your growth.

Not to worry though as we have plenty of information regarding healthy living and diets here on Duckalogue

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