Chromium, also known as chromium, is required for proper functioning of insulin and for maintaining blood sugar levels. In addition it plays a role in fat metabolism.

Where is it in?
Grain products with a high content of bran are high in chromium. It is not clear whether chromium from these products are also good. Advance chrome mainly in Brewer's yeast, whole wheat bread, vegetable, cane molasses, meat and liver. Meat, poultry, and fish contain per serving between 1-2 micrograms of chromium. The content of chromium in fruits and vegetables is very variable.

On the page ' where's the? "more information about the sources of chromium and the contribution of these sources to the recommended daily allowance.

How much do I need?
In Netherlands and in the European Union is not a recommended daily allowance for chrome. An overview of the different life stages in the chrome need can be found at ' how much do I need? '.

There is evidence that supplements containing chromium may have a beneficial effect on blood sugar levels and insulin on the drop-off in patients with diabetes (type 2),

What factors affect the absorption of chromium?
Vitamin C improves the absorption of chromium.

What is safe?
There are no known adverse effects of excessive intake of chromium. The safe upper limit specified is 250 mcg per day.

What are the effects of too much chrome?
There are no known adverse effects of excessive intake of chromium.

What are the consequences of a lack of chrome?
As far as we know is not for shortages in Netherlands. But in severe malnutrition can a deficiency occur. This can lead to increased glucose concentration in the blood, to elevated cholesterol levels in the blood and weight loss.

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