What is a good diet? A proper diet is a diet that consists of enough: good carbs, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals that the body needs every day. Our body is built to move, to hunt and to find food. This is no longer necessary In today's society. We get our food from the grocery store, work what we do compels most of us no too high physical exertion. And after work? Watching television, visit to knowledge or friends. What do you do to sport? Everyone would like a nice toned body, but that you should be what do. It is often just a threshold. Time well organize, and on up to the same times on certain days sports so that it becomes a habit. In addition to sports is a healthy and proper diet is indispensable. (The word diet is normally only used for the food macronutrients [proteins, carbohydrates and fats] and micro-nutrients [vitamins, minerals and trace elements].)
What often thought is: "I don't want to get fat, so it is better not eat as much". Actually, you can pretty much food, as long as it is good nutrition. Eat during the day no fries, roll Meatball, candy, etc. And evening no chips, or other greasy-or sweets (which you will soon lose weight). Bring eating these products back to a maximum of once a week.
Further, it is important to eat at least five times a day whereby the metabolism is faster. The metabolism is the factor in order to reduce and prevent the stored body fat, for optimal results with sports see also direct fat burning. A meal with good nutrition provides sufficient energy to be used after cooking for three hours after the first. Also makes a good diet for strong resistance which makes you less susceptible to disease.

On this website are useful tips and tricks to lose weight by burning fat and a fast metabolism, as well as explanation of important substances that are present in foods. Different schedules, calculations and tables (how can you organize 5/6 meals in a day, calculate for yourself you need carbohydrates, proteins and fats, where are most carbohydrates, proteins or fats, how many kcal burned you with which sport) are added so that you can determine for yourself what you need.

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